Guest Post: DIY Bird Feeders with Five Little Homesteaders

DIY Bird Feeder
I recently shared that I just became a featured publisher with the Village Green Network, which is pretty exciting!  VGN is a one-stop-shop for high-quality, informative, but easy-to-navigate info on living a healthier, more environmentally-friendly.  There are lots of amazing bloggers in the network that write about topics from how to live allergy-free to using herbal remedies with children.  
Anyhow, through VGN I’ve become connected with lots of great folks, like Colleen of Five Little Homesteaders. Colleen lives all the way out in Phoenix (which I can’t imagine living in after our heat advisory here in . . . Minnesota, of all places), but that lady manages to make things grow in the desert!  You should go on over to her blog to learn more about what she can make grow.  I find it pretty incredible.  I didn’t think there was water in AZ ;)  
Read more about Colleen at the end of this post (yes, that’s a clever trick to get you to read to the end) BUT you won’t want to miss her DIY Bird Feeder Projects (that’s right, there are 2 different projects, both super-simple!) to do with your kids!  If you don’t have a little homesteader running around, you can do it with your grown-up self.  The birds will love you for it.
Here’s Colleen:
I’m honored to be guest posting today on This Original Organic Life.  I love Rachel’s blog and the information she shares.  I hope my post today can contribute a little to this wonderful community.  
I’m excited to share a little project I did with my girls – bird feeders two different ways.  My girls are three and two years old and they both loved these projects.  

Toilet Paper Tube Feeder

This one was really simple.  Here’s what we did:
Toilet Paper Tube
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed
Step 1 – Punch two holes in the top of the toilet paper tube and string a ribbon through them so that the feeder will hang easily. 
Step 2 – Let your child spread peanut butter on the tube:

Step 3 – Let your child roll the tube in a pan of bird seed:
That’s it!  You’re done and ready to hang for all your sweet little chickadees!
 Bird Feeder Project

Cookie Cutter Shaped Bird Treat

This feeder takes a couple more steps and requires the use of a stove, but with a little help and guidance, your kids will love it.  Here’s what we did:
.25 oz Unflavored Gelatin (I used the Knox brand readily available at any grocery store)
8 tbsps Water
2 cups (or so) Bird Seed
Several Short Lengths of Twine
Several Cookie Cutters
Step 1 – Put water in a small saucepan and heat.  Once the water is warm (almost boiling), mix in the gelatin slowly and stir rapidly until completely combined.  
Step 2 – Add bird seed to saucepan and stir:

Step 3 – Allow the mixture to cool slightly but not so much that it starts to harden.
Step 4 – Allow your child to press the bird seed into several cookie cutters (make sure that your cookie cutters are on wax paper) until they are about half full: 

Step 5 – Place a piece of twine in the middle of your seed so that you will have something to hang the feeder from. 
Step 6 – Allow your child to add the rest of your bird seed to the cookie cutters, being sure to cover the bottom part of the twine.
Step 7 – Let the feeder dry completely in a warm, dry area.  Once dry, pop your feeders out of the cookie cutters and they’re ready to hang!  

If you try either of these with your kids, I’d love to hear what you thought of it! 
– – – – – 
Thanks so much to Colleen!  These are great projects, and I love how she documented her own little one making the bird feeders.  Be sure to share with her – and all of us! – your experience with making one or both of these bird feeders in the comments, or go visit her Facebook page.
How did your kids like this project?
Do you have other eco-friendly projects to do with children?
Share in the comments below!
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  1. cherri says

    we made these feeders with the young girl scouts using lard instead of gelatin. worked as well but eliminated the stove. So glad I found these Blogs

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