Ultimate Guide of DIY Natural Skincare Recipes via This Organic Life #skincare #natural #diy #naturalskincare #skincarediy #naturalbeauty

Ultimate Guide of DIY Natural Skincare Recipes

I was raised like many of us.  I loved fruity, chemical-filled body splashes.  I used face wash that had little blue beads in it that somehow made me feel like it was really cleansing my face.  I had all kinds of lotions & potions made of God knows what, but ohh did they smell good. …

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Learning Herbs 101

Learning Herbs 101 + A Giveaway

Image Credit If you didn’t know this already, I’m a bit of a fan of herbs.  I recently launched my line of herbal + organic products, ORIGINAL ORGANICS herbals, on Etsy and in our exclusive web shop. I have studied herbs both on my own and through practicing herbalists around the Midwest. Throughout this time, I have sifted through the many resources for…

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Healing + Warming Turmeric Milk via This Organic Life #turmeric #turmericmilk #goldenmilk #antiinflammatory #healing #beverage #healthy #recipe

Healing Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a wonder herb. I love it.  I love it so much I wrote a post outlining 6 of its top health benefits. In his book Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life, Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD, says of turmeric: “No other food ingredient has such a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.” HERE ARE SOME OF THE BEST…

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How to Make Probiotic-Rich Sauerkraut

When life gives you excess cabbage, make kraut.  This is what gardeners, homesteaders, and local foodies the world over do with this cruciferous giant.  Cabbage is already one of the healthiest veggies you can eat, but when you turn it into sauerkraut through the process of fermentation, it becomes even healthier!   Kraut is rich…

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